October 21, 2017, Gary’s Annual Fall Run up Cheam/Thursten Loop in Chilliwack BC

Gary Telford’s annual fall run hosted by Coastal Cruisers.

Gary will lead the family friendly, stock friendly, tour up to Mt. Thursten and the lookout in a loop that may take in Foley Lake, time permitting.

Should we hit too much snow then I propose that we do the run in reverse (Chipmunk FSR) and see how close we can get to the look out. Then return the way we come. Or default to Foley Lake if need be 😨. But would have to return back along the river or one of the gravel pits for lunch as there will not be enough room anywhere around Foley lake.

All participants to be fueled up prior to meet up.

Bring cameras, good foot wear, cold weather and rain gear, hat, gloves, touque etc as required.

Three times & locations to join the trail run.

8am a breakfast meet at Chilliwack airport

10am meet up at 2nd parking lot after left turn before Vedder bridge at the Start of Chiliwack Lake Road. Back in preferred for photo op and easy exit if possible. (This is a new trailhead parking lot so there could be issues. If so then we will have to continue further up road for the next large gathering option).

11am meet up at air down location. Turn left at Slesse Monument “Y” intersection. Keep left ish up hill on main road until you hit gravel. (If you cross the bridge on the main road along the river, you missed the Slesse turn off).

Gary and Bill usually cook hotdogs for the group on this run, but please bring your own food/drinks just in case weather is terrible and whatever else might happen!